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Kundalini Online Yoga Training

Only for Advanced Yoga Practitioners

Kundalini Yoga Program

This program is especially for those who are more focused on CHAKRAS and subtle energy. You will learn to balance energy, activate the centers or chakras, and purify them through mantras, breathing techniques, meditation, and with some chakra-based yoga postures. This course is meant for advanced yoga students/practitioners.

Genuine Student/s: 24 Weeks of regular practice is a must. Trust, Patience, and Focus are necessary for this program.

Please feel free to write to us to share the Kundalini online yoga classes’ full program details.

  • Learn 20+ Techniques
  • Hatha Yoga Practice
  • Advanced Pranayama
  • Chakra Purification & Balancing
  • Meditation on OM and Chakras
  • 7 Chakra Activation Mantras
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    what our student says?

    "It was fantastic days of my life, both understanding of yoga blessings and education were great. I was ready to start every day more enthusiastic than the day before. Time scheduling was perfect."

    ~ Nazanin

    "Firstly I really miss you and Vidhya school To tell the truth it was an amazing experience For me… Regular and nice program which made me enthusiastic for the next day.. And actually by this course I’ve become more eager to do more n more yoga Let me talk a little about my teachers They are such a fabulous teachers.. You know when I looked at you I received love, kindness without any ego just purity…"

    ~ Bahareh Yari

    "I have different experince in this course and i learned new things about yoga Thanks for everything,"

    ~ Mohsen Shojaei

    "The TTC course was a life changing and awakening experience. Yoga and pranayama Program, philosophy and lectures on Pathanjali Yoga Sutra Teachers are so qualifed and expert in their fields. Specially Dear Mr. Jiju the founder of the school , his skill knowledge, support and guidance is incredible. It is a pleasure learning from such a wise guru. You immediately feel his pure energy, strength, love and peace. He will change your perspective of life. And help you to discover, deepen and take to a higher level your spiritual practice."

    ~ Mahtab

    "Jiju was a really nice and competent yoga teacher! I often got one to one training and he fits the training perfectly to my needs and my interests, so I was very glad with that. I was already trained in bikram yoga and i have been practicing this for several years, the training here was a really advanced me in yoga. I learnt & practiced hatha yoga and a little ashtanga yoga and posture alignments. School of yoga vidhya is a perfect place to learn and practice Yoga and Jiju is the perfect teacher for all types of yoga interests."

    ~ Theresa Haimberger

    “Dear Jiju, thank you so much for such a great yoga experience. I could not have asked for a better yoga teacher to start learning yoga from. Really hope we meet again, soon! Do stay in touch! :)”

    ~ Chandni Chugh

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    Online Yoga Free Classes

    Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, still - many yoga aspirants are still not financially sound enough to enroll in paid courses and online yoga classes. Considering this situation, the School of Yoga Vidhya provides free online yoga classes and TTC certifications on special requests - GENUINE REQUESTS ONLY.

    ~ Yogi Vaishnavananda