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I have thoroughly enjoyed my stay and would recommend this retreat to anyone who is looking to better understand yoga and meditation. Jiju is very caring and kind and tailors the classes to your needs. He provides excellent instruction and education on yoga and meditation. The accommodations are beautiful and clean. My room had an ocean view and patio that was fantastic for relaxing and watching the sunset. The resort staff are all very kind and helpful. The food provided is delicious and healthy. The aryuvedic treatments offered promote relaxation and health. Overall I had an amazing experience I will never forget.

Ms. Danielle Kannegiesser from Canada

Hari om
Athma namaste
Im ok and missed you and ttc course.
Im meditating everyday
Doing asana 1 hour a day.

I realy enjoyd the ttc cource
It was a different experience for me. I wish if i had more sutra time with you.

Teaching was wonderful. Everything was ok.

About yoga : in the morning was great but in the evening was to pressur for me.
It was my problem not class.

Ayurveda: the time was not sufficient for learning more. But the massages was good.

I can not describe my feeling. It was special experience for me. Every time i remember that i can feel it inside me.

All of them was great for me.

I wish i can repeat it again.

– Ms. Maryam Ebadi

Namasteh to you My master, Guru (Jiju)
how are you?

I’m fine

I continued to practice yoga

1- About the TTC program:
It was fantastic days of my life, both understanding of yoga blessings and education were great. I was ready to start every day more enthusiastic than the day before. Time scheduling was perfect.

2- About education:
Im so thankful, my honorable teachers you taught us yoga with love. those we talked about with and Learned were same direction in my yoga path, and Every moments were meaningful and informative for me even when I was watching the sunset in the class of Ashtanga Yoga.
I am always grateful to my teachers, and my good will and blessing

3- Yoga:
Yoga is my life, my chosen path, the endless path that we should move with love steps, I hope to be a decent person on this way, for myself and others.
Asana classes were awesome but my favorite class was Pranayama. It was very interesting and full of fantastic experiences, and also Mantra classes.

4- Ayurveda:
I did not get Ayurveda treatment, only 2 times body and Sirodha massage, which were unique.

5- Your personal experience:
A memorable journey of my favorite things, each moment of this trip and the course was full of great and informative experiences.
And I miss you, miss all that pure mements.

6. Let us know the other thing you want:
Thanks for all the graces and cordiality for making such wonderful and wonderful memories


Hello dear Jijo
Firstly I really miss you and Vidhya school
To tell the truth it was an amazing experience
For me… Regular and nice program which made me enthusiastic for the next day.. And actually by this course I’ve become more eager to do more n more yoga
Let me talk a little about my teachers They are such a fabulous teachers.. You know when I looked at you I received love, kindness without any ego just purity…
By the way, I should thank all Ayurveda’s staffs to give us amour and good massage but to tell the truth I preferred to have more massage programs in our course

Best regards,

Bahareh Yari

Dear Mr. Jiju

Hari Om and Namaste.

Thank you, thank you so much. I’m really happy to receive your words.

About TTC Program:

The TTC course was a life changing and awakening experience. Yoga and pranayama Program, philosophy and lectures on Pathanjali Yoga Sutra

,Bhajans and chanting classes, are best experiences of my life.

Breathing, meditation and relaxation were the wonderful parts of the course.

Time scheduling and focusing on discipline were really great.

The atmosphere in the course was amazing to study in.

I couldn’t be happier with the experience!

If you are on the spiritual path and yoga is your lifestyle, this course is amazing.

About Teaching:

Teachers are so qualifed and expert in their fields. Specially Dear Mr. Jiju the founder of the school , his skill knowledge, support and guidance is incredible. It is a pleasure learning from such a wise guru.

You immediately feel his pure energy, strength, love and peace. He will change your perspective of life. And help you to discover, deepen and take to a higher level your spiritual practice.


The yoga training was awesome and perfectly modified with the right amount of practice, learning and balance. I’ve learned techniques to improve my flexibility and also build strength.

I grew and transformed in such a positive way during the course. I enjoyed the styles of Yoga that we have experienced, specially Ashtanga Vinyasa.


I experienced only complementary Ayurveda massage and found it so relaxing.

Your Personal Experience:

It is very difficult to find the right words to describe the journey I have experienced. I can definitely say that I’m so much closer to my heart. The program is really eyes, heart and mind opening.

I am deeply grateful for every day, every single second, but 7 Chakras purification meditation was my favorite.

Other Note You would want to write to us:

Namaste Dear Mr. Jiju

I always remember what you said, (one evening at sunset meditation)

“No matter how clouds are dark, when bright sun is there. No cloud is so dark that the sun can’t shine through.”

And I’ll do my best to lift dark clouds around my inner sun.

It’s my pleasure to have your blessing prayers. It will

brighten my path.

My endless gratitude.

Respectfully yours Mahtab.

Dear Guru,

Hari Om and a BIG Namaste to you from pooran mahdavi borojerdi

I hope you are well.Thanks so much for your email.I am fine and doing yoga as an inseparable part of my life.
I’m writing to send my feedback to you about TTC course.It was the first time i have experienced this kind of training couse.,it has been a positive experience.Everyting was good , including daily exercisees,questions and answers to my Grue, warm welcome behavior of all the staff in the yoga school,ceremonies and so on.At last,could you please register me and my friends in Yoga Alliance ?
Im looking forward to hearing from you.

With prayers,

Pooran mahdavi borojerdi

Dear school of Yoga Vidhya,

please find my review below thank you for the very nice 7 days i spent with you.

I had 7 days of very good yoga retreat. The yoga classes took place three times a day, the most I enjoyed the early morning session of one and a half hour of yoga in the early morning before getting breakfast. At 11.30 there was a special session of breathing exercises, where I also got a lot of information about the yoga philosophy. I learned to calm down myself with the help of breathing techniques and doing yoga meditation. This was very helpful for me and my work at home. The evening class of again 1.5 hrs was really nice because of the evening sun at the resort roof top with amazing beach view, We also did several sunset meditation, which I enjoyed alot.

I learnt and practice a lot of asana with perfect alignments
I learnt to practice meditation and relaxation
I learnt several different pranayama techniques and practiced them.
I learnt a lot about the yoga philosophy which i feel very helpful.

The food was very nice and the room have A/C available and a view to the ocean. We also did two excursion (elephant rehabilitation center/Safari Park and backwater trip), which I really enjoyed.
Jiju was kind and helpful all the time, so I felt very comfortable.

I had also a ayurveda treatment which I really enjoyed.
Jiju was a really nice and competent yoga teacher! I often got one to one training and he fits the training perfectly to my needs and my interests, so I was very glad with that. I was already trained in bikram yoga and i have been practicing this for several years, the training here was a really advanced me in yoga. I learnt & practiced hatha yoga and a little ashtanga yoga and posture alignments.

School of yoga vidhya is a perfect place to learn and practice Yoga and Jiju is the perfect teacher for all types of yoga interests.

Ms. Theresa Haimberger – Germany

Dear Guru Jiju,

Sorry for the delay in answering the letter .

Unfortunately, I don’t have regular exercises… I don’t know where the problem lies that even after my visit to such a precious, holy place, I still have not setmyself a regular training schedule.
The teachings were really professional and complete, encouraging me every individual session to attend the classes. Your teaching method was really professional and superb. Yoga is love. Ayurveda was also very useful. I experienced the purification of my soul from blemishes.

Though I had different interesting experiences in my earthly life, the yoga lessons that I received there, were something unique, not even comparable to my previous experiences.

Dear guru,my pen is too weak to express my due gratitude towards your kindness and the kindness of all the other invaluable instructors that taught me.

I hope your instructions, act as a guiding light to my life.

I like you so much and I wish your path haslots of followers.


Hello, thanks for your Email. Following our helpful TTC programme I continued my practices. I am doing my best to apply what i have learned in my own classes and every thing is going right. Actually the course was quite useful and and I hope I can experience another.What you taught about eight steps of Yoga, spiritual content of Sutra and Ayurveda information were very good however I prefer more details of Ayurveda.
All these made me stronger and more dominant in teaching Yoga to my students and I thank you so much.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Best Regards

Ehsaneh Taghavi

Hi there,
Thank you so much for keeping in touch. Here is my feedback.
The TTC program was great the only thing that I found difficult was the exercises being a bit extreme.
In terms of the teaching everything was great except for the Ayorveda.
Yoga was great especially Shavasana.
I found myself a lot more spiritual and closer to god.
Also, this class was very beneficial in my personal life.


Mahshid Radmehr

TTC program was good and auyrveda was nice
I have diffrent experince in this course and i learned new things about yoga

Thanks for everything,

Mohsen Shojaei

T.T.C PROGRAM: T.T.C program in one month was compressed but it arranged regularly and clearly
ABOUT TEACHING:our yoga master-MR.JIJU-was professional yoga teacher…. i did not like chanting,i can not spell indian word,,it wasted our time…… teaching anatomy and physiology without any equipment was awful… YOGA: who am i? i love yoga…it changed my mind about myself and my world….i hope one day my thinking,my speaking and my acting will becoming same as a real yogist AYURVEDA:just body massage was good…………….. PERSONAL EXPERIENCE:this course was not easy but i love pranayama,it was especial experience for me…. OTHER NOTE YOU WANT TO WRITE TO US:thanks for preparing condition and help us to spend T.T.C course

Paria Afshar

Dear Yoga Vidhya School ;

Hari Om & Namaste

So glad to hear from you Guruji. I hope we can come there soon . Wish you all the best.

Great Regards ; Farhoosh

Review Topic:

About TTC Program:
TTC Program was useful for me and I learned many , specially on Pranayama sections .

About Teaching:
Teachers were fully experienced and kindly teached .

It is always loveable for me in every aspect .

I learned some useful lessons .

Your Personal Experience:
Kindly , Lovely , Spiritualy.

Other Note You would want to write to us:
I would like to come back for more advanced courses .

Nadhar Farhoosh

“The School of Yoga Vidhya (which means correct knowledge or clarity) is a place of immense learning and personal development. Whilst not a traditional school in one location/building, the power of Jiju’s guidance and instruction transcends the physical space you occupy. We were fortunate enough to stay at both the outer forest and beachfront locations. The blend of two entirely different atmospheres provided an excellent backdrop to five days of yoga enhancement and powerful meditation. Jiju is an excellent yogi and spiritual guide, who understands the struggles we face in a modern Western society. His program has been carefully created to provide some incredible opportunities to enhance your yoga journey, and to enhance your individual ability to reach inner peace and clarity through meditation. The outer forest location in Kerala has some of the most beautiful scenery I’ve ever seen, and Jiju knows the very best places to take you for practice. If you are looking to learn in an authentic Indian yogic environment, where you can be taught non-judgmentally, by an expert, then the School of Yoga Vidhya is a wonderful place to go. I will certainly be back to continue my journey. Thank you, Jiju.”

Review by Sam from UK

“The School of Yoga Vidhya arranged my four-day stay in Kerala for a yoga retreat. Jiju was very communicative before I arrived, answering any questions I had and sending me a full itinerary before my stay. When I arrived, Jiju was there and was very accommodating. He made sure everything was taken care of for me and planned excursions around the area. I recommend School of Yoga Vidhya for any first time yoga retreats or visitors to Kerala.”

Review by Sweta from Austin, USA

“I was looking for a retreat vacation in India stumbled upon school of yoga vidhya online. I mailed them for the details and I was surprised to see a quick response. The experience has been amazing. The hospitality and the stay were very satisfactory. I loved the peace and feel completely rejuvenated. A perfect place to be, if you are looking for a retreat.”

Review by Michelle from UK

“To my Guru Ji, thanks for these wonderful 10 days of relaxation!”

Review by Chris from Belgium

“Dear Jiju, thank you so much for such a great yoga experience. I could not have asked for a better yoga teacher to start learning yoga from. Really hope we meet again, soon! Do stay in touch! :)”

Review by Chandni Chugh from India

“This was my first trip to India. Been to Delhi, Bangalore and also Trivandrum where I took this rejuvenation and yoga package. I like the environment. I like the teaching of peace. I like the yoga. Very great people and support.”

Review by Chung Ha from China

“About organizer: I have chosen the yoga retreat on my own, never seen any reviews or seek any advice from anybody and it turn out really wonderful. Of course I was impressed by the package they offered me! Magically, I was meeting all nice people here, who believe in giving more than offered. ”

“Place: It’s a beach hotel! When I arrived at my room I could hear the sea-waves, I was feeling so near as if I am on beach; however, as it was night, I wasn’t able to see anything further. I stayed in the balcony for a while, just looking at the sky and some stars around, amazing breeze, was just enjoying my own company. Watching performance of nature, stars were shining so brightly, sea-waves were as if dancing on some melodious rhythm on awesome windy chorus, nice breezy romantic aura surrounded me allover. Awesome starting. Woke up early morning around 5:30 and opened my balcony door and this was miracle… what a beautiful view, I was standing in front of wide seashore unbelievable, I was like “is it true or a dream?” For around 10 minutes I was just watching the wide view of the sea and seashore and then I realized I should get ready and roam on beach, so rushed to my shower and just step out and I was right there on the beach. Roamed all around, from the right corner to left corner, while coming back, I saw some fishermen were catching fish and lots of tourists were pretending as if they are among them , so they were enjoying to pull those heavy ropes with them, haha, laughing , giggling all over. I watched for around 20 minutes, lots of people came and left, one after another, some of them were there till end, I clicked plenty of pictures, also recorded one small video. The fishermen were singing some nice song in beautiful rhythm, wow everything was so original and amazing! I also wanted to experience the same, so i joined them and what a fun it was! I also sat silently for 20 minutes and enjoyed every bit of it. Food- (mostly fruit-) sellers and toy-sellers were roaming all over the beach, coconut water is common in all corners of Kovalam, as well as bananas (I enjoyed especially the brownish big bananas). Tourists are mostly foreigners and some locals on weekends, also met some Indian families and groups.”

“Shopping: Nearby shops are mostly selling beach-ware, different patterns of elephant show pieces, handicrafts, precious stones and studded traditional jewelries. ”

“Yoga Program: My yoga guru Mr. Jiju is an amazing human being and yogi. He has been to the Himalayas to study the authentic yoga, experienced and gained the highest wisdom from all great yogic gurus. It’s amazing to receive all insights and wisdom from him, so here again, it’s not only yoga postures and meditation techniques, one can also learn ancient dhyagna (wisdom). He shares different experiences which make you realize many new things about life, sometimes you feel like as if a whole new life is unfolding in front of you. Interacting with him was always my best memorable moments. We had nice question-answer session, where I cleared most of my doubts. You will feel as if you were in safe hands. He says “only way out is way inward and listen and believe in yourself“.”

“Food: I imagined it may be tasteless food, but again I was wrong here, very tasty delicious and still healthy food. Every dish I ordered has amazing taste. This menu is prepared by the founder, who is a highly-qualified ayurvedic practitioner, who started his practice some years back and then, at some point in time, he thought of giving full package to his guests. Every menu is designed by him and prepared by expert chef. It was interesting to interact with some foreigners as most of them were pure non-vegetarian, and here they ate only delicious vegetarian food. My favorites were cauliflower kurma made in coconut milk, fruit rice, veg biryani (with minimum and essential spices), banana thoran, inf act I liked everything, so yummy and mouth watering. ”

“Ayurvedic Massage: Here again, a pleasant surprise when I did my first full body massage therapy, the therapist was very well-prepared. She is trained in proper medical college in Trivandrum (Kovalam), and most of all, she enjoys working here. I have also taken Shirodhara therapy, where a lukewarm ayurvedic oil is falling on your forehead for 40 to 45 minutes rotates from right to left, i was feeling like so stress-free and relaxed , slept for a while and when I opened my eyes I was feeling so fresh, as if if every part of my body is renewed and tension-free. It affects your whole body, very powerful treatment!”

“Excursions: Here, I can say I felt like I was a princess. First of all, they accompanied me everywhere, to make sure everything goes well, as I was alone. Otherwise, they normally organize cab with driver and that’s it and you will be on your own, of course, in order to respect your privacy. So that day, he was my guide and my photographer, as well, haha, kidding, he is an awesome person to travel with. I was taken to the best places, because of his wide and nice network… he knows every corner and all people so well. My two day excursions were really great. My tour to elephants rehabilitation center, lion safari, crocodile park, and deer park were absolutely memorable and the amazing part was, I was traveling everywhere in fairy. ”

“So this is again part of yoga, nature walk and being close to nature. They can, also, organize for a forest-stay, where you can be accommodated in well-built cottages. There, one can be close to nature and do yoga and mediate, for long. Next day, I had a magical travel in between huge coconut, banana and mango trees. ”

“Watching different birds with awesome colors was an amazing experience. And having coconut water, in between the regular water was really amazing. I have seen huge floating restaurants, as well as some comfortable and luxurious cottages near water. Yes! I like hospitality everywhere I go, and here, they make you feel you are special.”

“Restaurants: Hey, very interesting (maybe everyone is aware of this, but I would still like to share), most of the restaurants have big display-area, mainly at the entrance, so one may select the fish (raw) of his choice and they prepare it for you. This is common scenario in the evening, otherwise hotel guys show you the raw fishes they have and then, you have to decide which you wish to have. ”

“Languages: Mostly English and of course, everybody knows Hindi. Even the small seller on beach know English very well and I observed well-behaved people all around.”

“Comments: On my last day, I was feeling bad to return back home! My stay was really remarkable and pleasant.”

“Message: I am really thankful to all of you for making my stay so, so wonderful, amazing, awesome and memorable!”

Review by Tanuja from Belgium

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