Yoga Retreats India

One of The Best Yoga Retreats and Holidays in India

3 Days - Short Yoga Retreat

School of Yoga Vidhya welcomes you to the world of incredible yoga holidays in India! Your yoga meditation holiday enables you to find new ways to lead your life, new ways for creating greater inner balance and discover the outer and the inner wonders of life.

5 Days - Mind Relaxation Yoga Retreat

Spend amazing days of yoga vacations in India from Rishikesh and enjoy your great events from School of Yoga Vidhya mind relaxation and purification yoga retreats. Our yoga vacation programs promise to make you, and provides an opportunity for you to rediscover yourself to inner peace and balance.

5 Days - Couples and Family Yoga Retreat

AWESOME program crafted for couples and family very specially. It's time to care on you and your loved one through well organized yoga program in India. This program helps you to cultivate a strong loving relationship between souls and also unify inner connection between your loved ones.

7 Days - Yoga and Ayurveda Rejuvenation Retreat

School of Yoga Vidhya’s Ayurveda rejuvenation and yoga fortification program is one of the unique and the special program designed after a long research we conduct many years.

10 Days - Intensive Yoga Sadhana Retreat

Want to BECOME A YOGI – This program is shielded with advanced yoga practice, which is meant only for the real yoga practitioner who want to explore, awaken and expand their outer layer (physical body) and inner layer (subtle body) awareness and energy.

"It doesn’t matter whether you are an atheist or believer of GOD. Practicing yoga will not put you down in any way. It leads you a very healthy and joyful life. START learn and practice YOGA – unlock the hidden treasure of immense happiness and pleasure."

~ Vaishnavananda



We request all TTC Students and Yoga Retreats Guests to kindly do the booking only thru School of Yoga Vidhya directly or confirm your booking with us, suppose if you are making from any other websites or 3rd parties. It is found that, some 3rd parties, agencies are coping our packages and using our name and selling without our knowledge. We are not responsible for any kind of such activities and practices. Please do contact us in regards with any bookings for Yoga Teacher Training Certification or Yoga Retreats.

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