Mudras and Bandhas

Mudras and Bandhas

What are Mudras?

A symbol, position or gesture on hands signify a Mudra. There are also body asana / postures, breathing techniques, eye position are also termed as Mudra.

Mudras which are mostly performed for energy channelization, increase concentration level, used for treatments, acute complaints such as headache, memory, insomnia, respiratory and circulation problems, exhaustion, improves immunity, burns body fat, provides cold relief or inner restlessness should cured by the practicing mudras.

Proper use of mudra have great impact on physical and psychologically levels. Mudras can effectively utilized and influence our mind and body the way fingers are used, touched and by bending etc.,

Mudras plays a vital role in meditation practice and pranayama (breath control) exercises. Mudras have great contribution in the path of spiritual progress and growth.

When and How Long Mudras Should Be Practiced?

You can practice mudras at any time. There is no time bound on practicing mudras. They can be practiced in seated position, lying down, standing, and walking.

In the beginning, mudras can be practiced for 15 minutes and later the duration can be increased. To get good result, one could practice mudra for 45 minutes and split it in 3 intervals that is morning, afternoon and evening.

List of Mudras:

  • Dhyana or Gyan Mudra
  • Chin Mudra
  • Prithvi Mudra
  • Varna Mudra
  • Vayu Mudra
  • Shunya Mudra
  • Surya Mudra
  • Prana Mudra
  • Apana Mudra
  • Linga Mudra
  • Maha Mudra and list continues

What are Bandhas?

Bandhas means “lock”, “hold” or “tighten”. Bandhas are parts of mudras. Bandhas are integrated with mudra and pranayama practice. It is more connected with pranic energy and the energy flow will be directed into sushumna nadi (nerve) for the purpose of spiritual progress.

Type of Bandhas:

The four bandhas are jalandhara, moola, uddiyana and maha bandhas. These bandhas are connected with each grandhis and by the regular practice one can awaken or rise kundalini.

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