What is Hatha Yoga and Why is it?

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga – The original and the only classical traditional yoga system. One should have core strength, body-mind balance, flexibility, stability for this yoga.

Hatha Yoga is also known as Static Yoga - The connection of body-mind works here. You will stay in a particular posture for a minimum 30 seconds to 2-5 minutes initially. The more you practice the duration of the posture prolongs and it is said one who says he is mastered in any asana should remain in that posture without difficulty for a minimum of 3 hours 30 minutes.

Hatha yoga help on to concentrate more deeply and understand the mechanism of the body functions. It supplies high energy to all internal parts of the body, even sleeping cell will be active and rejuvenate each and every cell. Hatha yoga enhance your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual experience in your life.

You will go beyond the limitation of the body and come to a stage of complete control over your body. This will help you for the further development and progress in 8 limbs of yoga and attain Samadhi or Nirvana. Anyone can practice this classical yoga, but it is always advised to learn it from a competent yoga master.

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