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300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training

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300-Hour Online Yoga TTC

Those who have completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training course certification from a reputed yoga institution can join the 300-Hour Online Yoga TTC program. This course is recommended for students who want to continue their journey to explore and learn the advanced levels of yoga. One who has completed 300-hour yoga teacher training certification would be titled a Lead Yoga Teacher Trainer across the world and is eligible to start a Yoga School. 300-Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training is registered with Yoga Alliance, USA.

300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course Speciality

To explore more layers of yoga after completion of 200-hour YTT certification. This course deals more with the practical aspects of yoga and how it applies to the various dimensions to become a professional yoga teacher.

Yoga Teacher Training and Yoga Alliance

Our yoga teacher training course has been designed as per the guideline of Yoga Alliance USA, this helps all the teacher training students to bring out their real potential and strengthen their physical, mental, and intellectual capabilities. By following a systematic approach to each and every course module as per the yoga alliance guideline, students will get an opportunity to learn quality online yoga teacher training and get yoga certification.

One of the biggest advantages of online yoga teacher training is the flexibility it offers, which is ideal for those with busy lifestyles or other commitments. Additionally, online training is often more affordable than in-person training, as there are no travel or accommodation expenses. Finally, online training allows you to learn from a variety of instructors and styles, which can broaden your knowledge and skills as a yoga teacher.

The ultimate aim and objective of our courses are to transform a person into a great yoga teacher. One will learn to prepare multiple yoga modules, teach online yoga classes, and online yoga teacher training courses from our well-experienced, knowledgeable, and student-centric Himalayan masters.

Yoga Alliance Accreditation

School of Yoga Vidhya, one of the best yoga schools in India, trained more than 17000+ students across 27 countries and Is internationally registered with Yoga Alliance USA. Our online yoga courses are 100% proven yoga teacher training certification courses, and one becomes an excellent yoga teacher or instructor with confidence enough to teach yoga across the world from our yoga TTC training and certification.

Apply your teaching skills in the gym, yoga studio, yoga schools, individual classes, self-practice, spiritual practice, and for corporate training. Additionally, you will be stronger to manage the physical and mental stress or tension in your personal, professional, and social life.

Yoga Alliance USA

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200-Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training


200-Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training

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Online Yoga Teacher Training Course Syllabus:

300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Couse Curriculum

200-Hour Syllabus Plus Below List

300 Hour Online Yoga TTC

Yoga Teacher Training in India - 200, 300 and 500 hours

An organization with the purpose of delivering high-quality yoga to the world. We bring yoga into every possibility of human life and explore the values of this system. Our services are not limited to a particular sect of yoga.

We provide 200, 300 and 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Courses, yoga classes, yoga therapy, yoga retreat, yoga vacation, forest yoga, and spiritual practices.

School of Yoga Vidhya stands to support, train and teach yoga globally for seekers who want to know more about this divine and scientifically proven system. We would want to introduce yoga into everyone’s life and spread awareness of yoga internationally to explore the potential and benefits of yoga.

We give complete support for yoga beginners and spiritual seekers to develop, practice, and become a Saadhaka (expert) in pranayama, meditation, hatha yoga, mudras, and bandhas online.

We promote yoga Teacher Training Courses, private yoga classes, and special yoga programs.

About School of Yoga Vidhya

Online Yoga Teacher Training Program

Online yoga teacher training can be a great option for those who want to become certified yoga teachers but have limited time or resources. To succeed in an online program, it’s important to stay organized and motivated. Create a schedule and stick to it, setting aside dedicated time for studying and practicing. Stay connected with your instructors through online or video calls, and don’t be afraid to ask for help or feedback. Finally, remember to prioritize self-care and take breaks when needed to avoid burnout. With dedication and hard work, you can successfully complete an online yoga teacher training program and begin your career as a certified yoga teacher.

At the School of Yoga Vidya, we have designed a curriculum keeping in mind the needs of beginners. We provide online yoga practice in Hatha yoga, which is considered to be the gentler form of yoga. Being slow-moving, Hatha Yoga allows beginners to pick up the pose or postures quickly and practice it to perfection.

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Expert Himalayan Masters

Join the best-ever online yoga teacher training courses and get trained by the world-renowned Himalayan Masters.

About School of Yoga Vidhya

Benefits of Online Yoga Classes and Yoga Training

The best part is that you can use this program anytime, anywhere—no need to be stuck in a yoga studio to practice. You can take the program to the gym, work, or on vacation. You will also learn techniques to control your mind, heal your body and enjoy life fully. All while becoming accredited to teach others to do the same.

Added Flexibility and Self-Paced Learning
Our online course allows you to study at your own leisure and schedule your study time to suit your personal routine. Another benefit is that there are no deadlines for completing the course.

Unlimited Access to Online Videos
This is a unique benefit of online learning. You can re-watch the videos at any speed. Allowing you to grasp concepts you could have missed in a class environment.

Unlimited Personal Support
Our online yoga teacher training comes with unlimited teacher support. This means you can contact the teacher for support as often as you need, even after completing the course.

Lifelong Access
Over time we tend to forget details. Our online course gives you lifelong access to log in and review the concepts anytime. All material is yours to keep forever.

More Affordable
Our Online course costs less than half of the onsite course. You also save on travel, lodging, and commuting expenses.

Online Yoga Teacher Training 200-Hour


To complete the course, there are two exams: a multiple-choice theory test, and a practical exam (a 30-minute Vinyasa flow class you need to record and send to your Vinyasa teacher).

Yoga Teacher Training Certification

Upon completion of the course and passing both exams, you will receive a certificate approved by Yoga Alliance USA which enables you teach yoga anywhere in the world.

Why School of Yoga Vidhya for Online Yoga Teacher Training Certification?

Learn Yoga From

Expert Himalayan Masters

Join the best-ever online yoga teacher training courses and get trained by the world-renowned Himalayan Masters.

About School of Yoga Vidhya

What is included in the online yoga teacher training 300-hour course?

300-Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training Certification Program

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Online Yoga Teacher Training 300-Hour

FAQ - Online Yoga TTC

To complete the course, there are two exams: a multiple-choice theory test, and a practical exam (a 30-minute Vinyasa flow class you need to record and send to your Vinyasa teacher).

200-Hour TTC Course Training & Certification Study Materials for TTC Daily 3 Times Satvic Vegetarian Meals 21 Days’ Accommodation & 24/7 Room Service 1 Complimentary Ayurveda Rejuvenation massages Free Pickup and Drop at Nearest Airport

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Once the booking and payment are done, the amount will be non-refundable and non-transferable in the event that you cancel or decide not to take our services under any circumstance or due to a change in decision to shift to another place. APPLY NOW If the participant is unable to attend the course due to some unpredicted situation/issue/problem on the particular date the course is booked date. Then participants will be provided to join the next available TTC program. Secure your yoga TTC Booking now

Online Yoga Free Classes

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, still - many yoga aspirants are still not financially sound enough to enroll in paid courses and online yoga classes. Considering this situation, the School of Yoga Vidhya provides free online yoga classes and TTC certifications on special requests - GENUINE REQUESTS ONLY.

~ Yogi Vaishnavananda